• More Than

    A Little

    Released Nov 2016, produced by Mark Robertson, recorded at Fry Pharmancy in Nashville TN.

    Too folk-punk to be country, and too country to be folk-punk...full-band barn burner of roots rock perfection ~ No Depression
    The best takeaway being just how damn fun this album is. There's so much to love thrown into this 38-minute package of awesome. ~ Wannabe Cartoon
    It’s the shock of the light of sunshine that kick-starts the world, weary from winter. It’s new, natural sounds that promise life is out there. Colorful collisions that inspire, and set fire to your curiosity. ~ American Standard Time / KEXP

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    It’s got an old west-meets-folk, Gogol Bordello vibe with a devil-may-care attitude...the vocals hitting in an almost sinister way ~ Impose Magazine
    [D]ebut album More Than A Little...shows the pair charting new sonic territory together, making rowdy roots music with a little help from friends and fellow musicians like Fats Kaplin, JD Wilkes and Paul Niehaus. ~ American Songwriter
    Top Ten Songs of the Week, 11/19/16: Adrian + Meredith pound out a midnight trance beat as they tell the tale of a lady who “Get What She Wants”. Haunted harmonies, brimstone fiddles, and an angry red guitar walk a track into their recent release, More Than a Little ~ The Alternate Root
    This is a tremendous album that takes rock, punk, old time, folk and adds 'country,' a hard driving raw gypsy jazziness that on occasions has a Balkans flavour...so much originality that even after multiple plays I'm still finding it fresh and even innovative..This is definitely another addition to my albums of the year list. ~

Both coincidently from the Detroit area, Adrian was raised on punk-rock in the DIY history of Washington DC, with a carnival barker's croon and an off-the-wall "clawhammer banjo" approach to the acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, Meredith was Michigan-music native who cut her teeth in the old-time music scene, where she played traditional fiddle and clogged. Since then, the pair's have been touring relentlessly, swapping harmonies, trading solos, and acting as co-pilots throughout their debut album, and US and UK tours of 2016 and coming 2017.

More Than A Little, their debut record, finds the East Nashville-based duo putting its own spin on Americana music, roughing up the genre's edges with the rule-breaking spirit of punk, the vintage twang of old-timey folk, the sneer of rock & roll, and even the frenetic bounce of early Swing and Jazz manouche.

"Adrian+Meredith’s music produces a rallying cry from two road warriors who, after more than a dozen combined years in the music business, are too smart to play by the industry's rules and too enthralled to turn their backs."


We tried to make very high-quality product and so our code is very neat and clean. Whatever anyone could improve and modify the template to your liking.


We tried to make very high-quality product and so our code is very neat and clean. Whatever anyone could improve and modify the template to your liking.

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